Sophisticated Attentive and Connected

Sophisticated, Attentive and Connected

We offer a fresh and unique approach to Public Relations, providing intuitive media and marketing strategies and tactics for the Entertainment and Lifestyle Industries

The company is run by one of our industry’s most respected publicists, Amy Brownstein. Since beginning in the business in 1993, she personally oversees all campaigns from the top down, offering a unique and razor sharp look into the world of PR to help her clients navigate their campaigns as the landscape between traditional and digital media continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Media Strategy, along with razor sharp and vibrant execution is that important cog in the wheel that can be often overlooked when looking to gain visibility. Its about quantity over quality and getting press that will make a difference. PRStudio USA's approach to "media strategy" effectively shapes the way an image is created and sustained. It starts conversations, allows space for performances to be singled out in the most relevant way, and molds campaigns that make the difference to our industry and to the public.

We believe that attention to this detail matters. We let no stone go uncovered or explored and our clients will tell you that we effectively delve into the work with a focus in mind that solves problems, establishes identity and helps make a career. We make it easier for you to push through, stand out, to find your voice, or even conversely disappear.

Our size is our secret weapon.

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